How to Use Time-lapse Video to Market Your Construction Capabilities?

How to Use Time-lapse Video to Market Your Construction Capabilities?

Videos have always done better than pictures or graphs. Videos in 2021 have proven to perform 38% more than video. Not only do they create better engagement for your brand, but also refreshing to customers. Video content is doing better with marketing in every industry, even in the construction domain.

  • 60% of marketers agree that videos have driven more engagement to their brand, and the number keeps increasing.
  • 64% of customers move to the buying stage after watching the video of a brand.
  • On average, users watch 100 million hours of video on Facebook alone.
  • Click rates on email have been increased by 300% when videos were used.

Showcase High Profile Projects:

With time-lapse videos on your dashboard and in an easily downloadable format, you can now use them to promote your brand and the collaboration you have had in the past. You can inform all your clients facilely about the high-profile clients you’ve worked with earlier. It creates a seamless impact on your business while building a sense of trust among your customers. 


You can now use these videos to promote your brand on all platforms. Videos have always been known to make an impact on customers. They have been constantly booster brands and their visibility. Promoting videos over pictures can also help companies showcase what you can offer to their clients, making a greater impact among your target customers.

Video V/s Images:

According to research, using videos on your posts can have up to 38% more advertisement recall than posts that do not. Customers have admitted that they consider advertisements with video up to 21% more than those who do not. Numbers never lie, and we think it is time you use high-quality videos captured through Cctvtimelapse to promote your brand.

Upcoming Projects:

Time-lapse can also help you inform your clients and stakeholders of your upcoming projects. Showing them small time-lapse videos helps them understand all the progress that you have made in your current projects immediately. You do not have to show a million pictures instead, just one time-lapse video from cctvtimelapse can do it all.

Final Words 

Time-lapse videos in the construction industry have revolutionized the sector. From using videos to promote your business on various platforms to overall increasing your brand visibility, time-lapse videos have proven it all. Many companies have already adopted this to help them connect with their customers. With high-quality videos from cctvtimelapse, nothing is stopping your brand anymore.

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