About CCTV Timelapse

Welcome to CCTV Timelapse Construction Camera Solutions

We provide CCTV to time-lapse construction camera solutions for every business project (like Railways, Construction, and Agriculture, etc.).

Who Are We

We are an Indian-based tech startup that allows every business owner to convert their existing CCTV into a time-lapse construction camera solution at a very low and reasonable price.

Our Mission

Powering every project owner/manager to monitor the project remotely and increase the work productivity. Also reducing the extra costs by converting the existing CCTV into a time-lapse Construction Camera.

What We Do

Our Setup Process


Existing CCTV Camera

We allow IP Cameras to be connected with our CCTV to timelapse construction camera solution. Get an IP camera installed by a local vendor.


Get Connected

Just email us at contact@cctvtimelapse.com with the CCTV camera details already installed in your facility or on your site.


Project Details

Our team will request you to provide remote access to your PC connected to your CCTV network.


Online Platform Integration

As you provide access to your IP CCTV, our team will update the configuration and will integrate it without the platform.


Done Login to Dashboard

Login to our dashboard using registered ID to access camera feed and time-lapse videos.


All Set

Now you can monitor your facility. Can download or cloud store the time-lapse videos.

General Faqs

Our CCTV Time-lapse construction camera monitoring system enables multiple features. Here are some q&a for consolidating that why we are best our work.

Yes! we have high-tech images and video processing system, that captures high quality time-lapse and images.

Yes! You can access the dashboard using any device (Mobile/Tablet/Desktop).

No! You can access the dashboard from any location in the world.

Yes! we allow our clients to download high-quality time-lapse videos or images of job sites.

Yes! If you find anything confusing or stuck somewhere, we are always ready to help you.

Yes! we generally store the videos and images for 7 days in the dashboard. But no worries this limit can be customized according to the client requirements.