Why are Construction Cameras and Webcams Not the Same

Why are Construction Cameras and Webcams Not the Same?

Many times construction cameras and webcams in the industry are considered synonyms. But this is not the case.

Webcams are not a good fit in the construction industry, as many of their drawbacks can be filled by the construction time-lapse camera. To overcome all the challenges, CCTVTimelapse has improved to fit your job site perfectly.

 While there are a few similarities, there are many things that set them apart.

Live Video And Cloud Backup

With a construction camera, you can have all your video footage of your construction site on your dashboard. You can now monitor all the progress on the job site in a single space with would be auto-updated on your dashboard. You can easily switch between any projects too. You can also customize your view based weekly, monthly, or daily based on your needs. With automatic cloud upload, you don’t have to worry about backup and storage.

Using AI for Safety compliance

Your construction camera using artificial intelligence and machine learning program can auto detect people who are not wearing safety equipments like hat or gloves at the site. This will reduce the amount of fatal incidents happening at the construction sites. Having high-quality images through construction cameras also acts as insurance and safety on your site.

Time-lapse Videos

Construction cameras from cctvtimelapse can produce time-lapse videos of your construction. You can view all the progress made on your construction site until that point in a simple video in a few seconds or minutes. These videos or images are used to properly coordinate/check any issues at construction site. You can also download the videos of your projects directly on your device. These features also help you increase your goodwill as you can now share your time-lapse video cross the gold to all your partners to showcase your progress.

Using BIM 4d Model to compare Planned and As-built construction

Overlaying your 4d BIM Model over live Construction camera view can give you an overall idea of where your actual construction progress stands with respect to the planned construction. You can get the insights on how many days your project has been delayed.

Timeline View 

It takes many months and years to complete construction projects. On the course of the completion, many pictures and videos are collected to monitor and overlook projects which are auto-uploaded on the cloud. To help you monitor the projects better, all these pictures are put together in the time they were captured to display a thumbnail view. The pictures are then displayed in a project timeline along with day wise timeline.

Final Words

Webcams aren’t the same as time-lapse-based construction cameras. While some features can be integrated into cameras, it has now in the modern world become an essential part of construction sites. The advantages of a construction camera overweigh that of a webcam many times. At cctvtimelapse, we provide the perfect time-lapse camera for your construction site.

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