CCTV Based Time-lapse Construction Camera India

Time-Lapse Construction Camera India

Get real-time site updates by converting an existing CCTV into a Time Lapse Construction Camera with our CCTV Timelapse solution and monitor numerous project sites spread across the Globe (Especially in India).

Steps To Integrate CCTV


Existing CCTV Camera

Get an IP camera installed by a local vendor. We allow any IP CCTV Camera to be connected with our  CCTV Time-lapse Construction Camera Platform. 


Get Connected

Just email us at with the details of the CCTV camera already installed in your facility or on your job site.


Project Details

Our team will request you to provide information like your company name, project name & type, site dimensions, project duration, etc.


Online Platform Integration

As you provide access to your IP CCTV, our team will update the configuration and will integrate it with our platform.


Done! Login to Dashboard

Login to our dashboard using a registered email ID to access camera feed, time-lapse videos & many other features.


All Set

Now remotely monitor your facility. Watch, customize or download time-lapse videos.

How We Are Different?

Our multi-featured project site monitoring CCTV Time-lapse solution differentiates us from others.

Time-lapse Monitoring

Time-lapse (fast speed movie or slow-motion cinematography) reduces your project site monitoring time and increases productivity. We allow you to create a download time-lapse video of your facility with few clicks.

Multi-project Multi-camera viewing

Multi-project/camera viewing makes it easy for you to access numerous sites through a single platform in a few clicks. You can easily switch between the project sites and monitor them from any place at any point in time.

Image Comparison

The best way to witness construction progress during a course of time is to compare the two images side by side & check the difference in construction. Our comparison tool offers a slider view & split for a better comparison of elements visible in the images.

Timeline View

Over the course of construction, thousands of images are collected & stored on our cloud server. To quickly verify fewer images, a project timeline shows image thumbnails captured along the project duration. Along with the whole project timeline, users may also wish to watch the day-wise timeline.

Live Streaming & Video Backup On Cloud

You may also opt for the live streaming option & cloud-based video stream backup. The duration of video backup can be anywhere from 7 days to 2 years.
For integrating live videos & storing data on the cloud, we require CCTV to have a static IP address. We also recommend using LAN-based high bandwidth internet for smooth viewing of live stream.

Pan Tilt & Zoom Camera Integration

Along with fixed position CCTV, a PTZ CCTV can also be integrated with CCTV Timelapse Platform. We require static IP & , camera login credentials to get the live videos & PTZ controls integrated with our portal
Contact us at to get the list of compatible cameras for PTZ integration.

Connection Requirements

Requirements to connect a CCTV camera to CCTVTimelapse Portal:

Primary Requirements

#1. Camera Type

It should be an IP camera.

#2. Remote Access

Remote access will be required for updating the configuration of IP cameras for integration.

#3. FTP Upload

For FTP uploads, we would require port 21 to be open from the firewall security for CCTV to upload data to our server.

Other Requirements

Live Streaming

Need live streaming? Get a static IP for your internet connection.

PTZ Live

For PTZ Live Streaming connectivity, our system is only compatible with the "Dahua & Hikvision PTZ" camera.

What Other Says About Us?

Read our happy clients testimonials.

"Easy to Use Dashboard and Quality Videos!"

Service provided by CCTV Timelapse to us is mind-blowing. I prefer CCTV Timelapse for their easy-to-use dashboard, multi-projects option, and high-quality timelapse videos.

"Access on Any Device"

I am happy with their service. I prefer CCTV Timelapse for their multi-device availability feature. It can be accessed using desktop and mobile as well.

"Multi-Project Option"

I prefer CCTV Timelapse for their multi-project option. I can add and monitor multiple projects using a single dashboard. And also the time-lapse video quality is comparatively high.

Best CCTV Brands For Integration

Our platform can be connected with any IP camera. But for better performance, we recommend using these IP camera brands.

Hikevision CCTV
Dahua Tech CCTV
Bosch CCTV
Axis Communications CCTV
Uniview tech cctv
Cp Plus CCTV
milesight cctv
vivotech cctv


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