Questions to Ask Before You Purchase Your Next Construction Camera System

Questions to ask before you purchase your next camera system

When purchasing construction cameras for your job site, it’s important to ask a few key questions that come with the same. While they have taken over every job site, it is important to understand its importance. So here are a few questions you need to ask before you purchase your next construction camera.

How easy is the access?

One of the best factors of a construction camera is accessibility. You can now monitor all your Construction projects from anywhere. Once you have completed the installation process, you can then access each point of your construction site right from your dashboard. The cameras have a time-lapse view of all your construction sites that you can now watch through separate periods. Along with the auto-created time-lapse videos, you can also customize recurring time-lapse videos to efficiently watch the construction progress in a week, two weeks, or a month.

How secure do they make my site?

Construction cameras are known to be builder’s activity. Having video monitoring on your site does not just help you prevent any theft, It also ensures there is no shoplifting during the day. Construction cameras have known to have a better system than any kind of normal security cameras for your job site. The cameras have a light-adjusting mode that ensures that your site is protected even during dark hours. 

What are the benefits of having a construction camera?

Construction cameras have become a must-have at every site. Not only do they monitor your site, but construction cameras on your job site can also do the following:

  • Help increase brand visibility – having a timelapse video of your project can help you showcase your brand and what could bring to the table for your clients. 
  • Monitors inventory- Apart from monitoring your site, the cameras ensure they account for all the material delivered on-site and accounts for their inventory.
  • Stakeholders- The video format of all the progress can help you maintain a healthy relationship with your stakeholders to showcase all the projects and their progress in one single space.
  • Planning- Our construction camera software helps the users to compare the planned project progress with the actual site progress with a side-by-side view that ensures that your project is going as per the projected plan.

How many sites can I monitor?

With our construction camera, you can now be in many places all at once. You can now view multi projects and multi-cameras. Multi-project/camera viewing makes it easy for you to access numerous sites through a single platform in a few clicks. You can easily switch between the project sites and monitor them from any place at any point in time through any device.

How can my team view the site?

With our time-lapse camera, you can now add as many members as you want. There are no restrictions on the number of members that you can add to view your site. You can choose whom you wish to give them access to. Without any geographical restriction, your site can now be viewed globally by all your partners.

Final words

Construction cameras have now become a crucial part of every job site. It is important to understand the benefits of having one at your construction site. 

So if you are ready to purchase your construction camera, the cctvtimelapse team would love to connect and guide you through it all.