8MP Time-lapse Camera

A powerful tool designed to capture every detail of your construction project with clarity and precision. From progress monitoring to project documentation, this camera is your trusted partner on the Jobsite.
Time-lapse Camera cctvtimelapse
Play Video about Time-lapse Camera cctvtimelapse
Time-lapse Camera cctvtimelapse
Play Video about Time-lapse Camera cctvtimelapse
Time-lapse Camera Specifications

Camera Specifications

Capture breathtaking time-lapse footage in stunning 8MP resolution with our feature-rich camera.

What Makes Our Time-lase Camera DIfferent

Capture Every Detail in 4K

With a maximum resolution of 8MP (4K), our time-lapse construction camera ensures that no detail goes unnoticed. Whether it's monitoring the progress of your project or reviewing specific details, you can rely on crisp and clear 4K imagery.

Enhanced Visibility

Equipped with an IR range of up to 30 meters and 120 dB WDR, this camera provides clear imaging even in challenging lighting conditions. No matter the time of day or weather, you can trust our camera to deliver high-quality footage.

Built to Withstand

Constructed with a durable IP67-rated housing, this camera is resistant to water and dust, making it ideal for outdoor use in rugged construction environments. Trust in its reliability even in the harshest conditions.

24 x 7 Global Connectivity

With 4G LTE SIM-based connectivity, you can access live footage and recordings remotely from anywhere. Stay updated on your project's progress in real-time, ensuring efficient management and supervision.

Power Connectivity

This 8MP Time-Lapse Construction Camera offers versatile power supply options to suit your specific needs. Whether you prefer traditional AC power or the eco-friendly benefits of solar power, our camera is ready to meet your requirements

Time-lapse Monitoring Features

Time-lapse Videos

Boost productivity with time-lapse video (Fast-paced video) progress monitoring.

Multi-Project Multi-Camera Viewing

Effortlessly monitor multiple sites (with multiple cameras) from one platform, anytime, anywhere.

Image Comparison

Review project progress by comparing construction images in slider or side-by-side view.

Timeline View

Thousands of construction images stored, allowing quick review through timeline view.

Live Streaming & Video Cloud Backup

Get live streaming & cloud backup for seamless project monitoring remotely.

How it works cctvtimelapse

How It Works?

CCTV time-lapse offers construction site time-lapse monitoring with remote monitoring capabilities. Here is how our construction time-lapse progress monitoring works:

Looking for Construction Time Lapse Solution ?

Our Time-lapse camera and monitoring solution is the most economical and trusted time-lapse based job site monitoring solution.

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