CCTV Timelapse Monitoring Dashboard Features

We provide a wide range of features like time-lapse videos, Image Comparison, Image Backup, Split Screen Mode, PTZ Camera Integration, Multi-project/camera options, visual documentation, live streaming, video backup on the cloud, and many more.


Time-lapse Monitoring

Time-lapse (fast speed movie or slow-motion cinematography) reduces your project site monitoring time and increases productivity. We allow you to create a download time-lapse video of your facility with few clicks.

Monthly, Weekly & Daily Auto Time-lapse Videos

Along with the auto-created time-lapse videos, you can also customize recurring time-lapse videos to efficiently watch the construction progress in a week, 2 weeks, or a month.

Multi-project Multi-camera viewing

Multi-project/camera viewing makes it easy for you to access numerous sites through a single platform in a few clicks. You can easily switch between the project sites and monitor them from any place at any point in time.

Image Comparison

The best way to witness construction progress during a course of time is to compare the two images side by side & check the difference in construction. Our comparison tool offers a slider view & split for a better comparison of elements visible in the images.

Timeline Viewer

Over the course of construction, thousands of images are collected & stored on our cloud server. To quickly verify fewer images, a project timeline shows image thumbnails captured along the project duration. Along with the whole project timeline, users may also wish to watch the day-wise timeline.

Live Streaming & Video Backup On Cloud

You may also opt for the live streaming option & cloud-based video stream backup. The duration of video backup can be anywhere from 7 days to 2 years. For integrating live videos & storing data on the cloud, we require CCTV to have a static IP address. We also recommend using LAN-based high bandwidth internet for smooth viewing of live stream.

Pan Tilt & Zoom Camera Integration

Along with fixed position CCTV, a PTZ CCTV can also be integrated with CCTV Timelapse Platform. We require static IP & , camera login credentials to get the live videos & PTZ controls integrated with our portal

Contact us at to get the list of compatible cameras for PTZ integration.

Auto Triggered eMails

If it is not feasible to open the CCTV Timelapse Website every day, you may configure Auto Triggered eMails to email you the latest images captured by the camera at a specified date & time.

Image Markup & Sharing

Draw on any image & share it directly with the site team to highlight an issue. Our advanced markup library lets you select annotation styles, shapes & colors for better markup.

Add Unlimited Users

There is no limitation on adding users to watch a construction project remotely. You may wish to give access to your colleagues, clients, stakeholders, consultants, or other team members.

Split Screen Mode

Our portal by default shows the latest image captured by the selected camera. To view the latest images of all the cameras installed on a given project, the split-screen mode can be chosen. The page auto-refreshes every 10mins to show the latest images continuously.


Navigation helps to jump to the adjacent images or previous/next day's image.

Unlimited Visual Documentation

Visuals hold more appeal than plain text while creating presentations or project documentation. Our CCTV Time-lapse solution allows you to access site visuals right from the beginning till the end of construction. Once uploaded, the image data is stored until the project end for ready reference of any event that occurred in the past.

Worldwide Location & Device Access

You can easily access the monitoring portal from any location in the world and at any time using a mobile, tablet, or desktop device. On a mobile device, you can install our app and can enjoy the same features as the desktop version.

CCTV Time Lapse Advantages

#1 Existing Setup Works

Utilize an existing CCTV Camera (IP) only thereby saving an additional cost of buying new hardware.

#2 Low Bandwidth Requirements

IP cameras operate in a low bandwidth 3G/4G/LTE network if capturing & uploading still HD images only.

#3 Night Vision

The inherent wide-angle & night vision capabilities of CCTV cameras provide the best possible output at night or under low light conditions.

#4 Economical

A most economical way to view “long-term historical data” from anywhere and anytime.

#5 Timing Customization

Customize the image capturing timings from 1 min to 1 hour depending on your requirement and use case.

Looking for Construction Time Lapse Solution ?

Our Time-lapse camera and monitoring solution is the most economical and trusted time-lapse based job site monitoring solution.

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