CCTV Timelapse Applications

Worldwide Applications of CCTV Time Lapse Camera

Our CCTV Timelapse solution can be used with various types of project sites. The main applications are described below.

CCTV Time-Lapse in Construction

CCTV Timelapse solution is best for monitoring, tracking, and planning the progress of various project sites using a single dashboard in just a few clicks.

construction illustration
railways illustration

CCTV Time-Lapse in Railway

Image data monitoring of railway track construction, bridge construction over rivers & valleys helps in reducing costs by avoiding delays.

CCTV Time-Lapse in Agriculture

Using our time-lapse solution you can monitor the growth of vegetation, water requirements, and pest presence across the agricultural land.

Agriculture Illustration
Government application

CCTV Time-Lapse in Government Departments

Traffic signals to monitoring public places, government departments our CCTV time-lapse solution can be used with open-access for public transparency solution.

CCTV Time-Lapse in Nature

Best for artists who are interested in capturing time-lapse of mountains, rivers, sun view, and more.

Nature application
Power application

CCTV Time-Lapse in Power Generation

The power sector requires time-lapse for continuous monitoring of heavy machinery installation (Turbine power plant or windmill power plant).

CCTV Time-Lapse in Manufacturing Plants

It is hard to keep eye on every single piece of a manufacturing unit that produces thousands of units every day. But the daily production & quality control becomes easier with daily time-lapse videos.

Manufacturing application
Tourism application

CCTV Time-Lapse For Tourism Attraction

Time-lapse is a great tool for tourism departments to attract more tourists.

CCTV Time-Lapse in Marine Research

For researchers, the transformation of marine sites, objects & organisms is of great importance. These transformation processes are too slow and can be observed remotely using the time-lapse videos recorded over a long period.

Marine application