CCTV Timelapse Camera & Monitoring Applications

Our CCTV Timelapse solution can be used with various types of project sites. The main applications are described below.
construction application

CCTV Time-Lapse in Construction

CCTV Timelapse solution is best for monitoring, tracking, and planning the progress of various project sites using a single dashboard in just a few clicks.

railways application

CCTV Time-Lapse in Railway

Image data monitoring of railway track construction, bridge construction over rivers & valleys helps in reducing costs by avoiding delays.

Agriculture application

CCTV Time-Lapse in Agriculture

Using our time-lapse solution you can monitor the growth of vegetation, water requirements, and pest presence across the agricultural land.

Government application

CCTV Time-Lapse in Government Departments

Traffic signals to monitoring public places, government departments our CCTV time-lapse solution can be used with open-access for public transparency solution.

Nature application

CCTV Time-Lapse in Nature

Best for artists who are interested in capturing time-lapse of mountains, rivers, sun view, and more.

Power application

CCTV Time-Lapse in Power Generation

The power sector requires time-lapse for continuous monitoring of heavy machinery installation (Turbine power plant or windmill power plant).

Manufacturing application

CCTV Time-Lapse in Manufacturing Plants

It is hard to keep eye on every single piece of a manufacturing unit that produces thousands of units every day. But the daily production & quality control becomes easier with daily time-lapse videos.

Tourism application

CCTV Time-Lapse For Tourism Attraction

Time-lapse is a great tool for tourism departments to attract more tourists.

Marine application

CCTV Time-Lapse in Marine Research

For researchers, the transformation of marine sites, objects & organisms is of great importance. These transformation processes are too slow and can be observed remotely using the time-lapse videos recorded over a long period.

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