Number of Construction Camera Calculator

Calculate No. Of Cameras For Your Construction Site

Our CCTV Time-Lapse pricing calculator includes various factors like Images, Live Streaming, Video Backup on Cloud, Pan Tilt & Zoom Camera Integration, & many others.

Why CCTV Time-lapse?

Factors Deciding CCTV Timelapse Pricing
  • Time-lapse Monitoring

    Time-lapse (fast speed movie or slow-motion cinematography) reduces your project site monitoring time and increases productivity.

  • Layer 1

    Live Streaming

    For integrating live videos, we require CCTV to have a static IP address. We also recommend using LAN-based high bandwidth internet for smooth viewing of live stream.

  • Video Backup On Cloud

    You may also opt for cloud-based video stream backup. The duration of video backup can be anywhere from 7 days to 2 years.

  • Pan Tilt & Zoom

    Along with fixed position CCTV, a PTZ CCTV can also be integrated with CCTV Timelapse Platform. We require static IP & , camera login credentials to get the live videos & PTZ controls integrated with our portal

  • Visual Documentation

    Our CCTV Time-lapse solution allows you to access site visuals right from the beginning till the end of construction. Once uploaded, the image data is stored until the project end for ready reference of any event that occurred in the past.

No. Of Construction Camera Calculator

Calculate the number of construction cameras based on your project type, area, expected coverage etc & get details on email.

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